Roadmap to Power

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We get how winter miles can cause you to feel a bit stuck in a muddy rut or staring off into the distance whilst pounding away on your indoor trainer. However, the offseason is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and prepare for spring and summer outings and races. .  Why wait any longer, when this upcoming riding season could be one of your best?

Power meters have now become as synonymous as a cycling computer and they are more affordable than ever before. If you haven’t considered it, integrating a power meter into your training can give your riding a regimen, one that builds overall riding purpose, strength and with a bit of effort and luck, results.

Many of us grew up hearing that heart rate (HR) was a must for any serious cyclist.  Unfortunately heart rate it can be impacted by many factors, from food intake to something as simile to your position on your bike.  In contrast, a power meter provides real time data and is unaffected by anything other than how hard you’re riding.  In terms of giving you an instant awareness and purpose for your ride, it is unmatched.  

ALLIED has tremendous relationships with all the premium power meter makers on the market. Whether it’s Stages, Pioneer, Quarq or SRM, we’ve got you covered.   As you are building your next ALLIED, upgrade to power to complete your ALLIED experience.
Source: ALLIED