Rider House Part One: San Francisco

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Henry Ford said it best when he said “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”. Rider House was born out of a collaboration between ALLIED CYCLE WORKS and US made Eliel Cycling Apparel with a focus on a hand-crafted experience built by the local connoisseurs of cycling.  We aspired to literally move into the community and absorb the local culture, personalities and cycling experiences.

San Francisco architecture isn’t so much known for a particular style, rather, it’s eclectic mix of Victorian homes amongst a hilly topography.  Steep hills lined with row homes decorated in vintage craftsman woodworking. All throwbacks to the American industrial revolution. Our Rider House was no exception.  
Marble stairs led to our Rider House floor mat which welcomed riders into a warm and friendly living room full of American crafted bikes and cycling apparel.
When I was first told about the Fatcake Cycling club, they were described as one of San Fran’s friendliest bike club born out of group of folks that just started riding together.  Their motto is Ride. Cake. Repeat. How could you go wrong with a group of cyclists like that? With them as our guide, we explored the inner depths of San Francisco’s cycling routes.  At 6 am on a cold and foggy bay morning, you can find them spinning across the Golden Gate in their unmistakable neon kits and friendly chatter. Be prepared to make friends if you catch one of their rides, as their spirit is contagious.   

Our start to Rider House was off to an amazing start.  Stay tuned for Part Two: A day in the Rider House.
Our first Rider House was nothing short of spectacular as we rode all the iconic spots in San Fran, we ate at all the local cafes, and we shared many stories of cycling lore.  I definitely came back to Little Rock inspired to share this kind of cycling experience with our team.

Source: ALLIED