HOW TO: Torque check your ALLIED

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What exactly is torque?  
Torque is the amount of force you should apply while tightening the bolts on your frame and components.
For our next “How To” series, we look at all the bolts on you ALLIED and detail out how to keep your ALFA or ALLROAD to the correct torque specifications.
The first thing you should know is that overtighting of the equipment on your bike is never a good thing.   Likewise too little torque will cause your parts to loosen over time and also cause creaking on your ALLIED.  ALLIED Bicycles have relatively light torque specs all the way to heavy torque specs depending on which part of the bike we are referencing.  There is no single torque wrench for this wide range.
We recommend using US made Park tools as they offer two specific torque wrenches – the TW-1 and the TW-2.
Ready to ride
Before your ALLIED leaves the factory in Little Rock, Arkansas, our team of certified mechanics build your bike and tune it up so it is ready to ride straight of out of the box.  They meticulously go through and make sure all the parts are set to the specific torque specs. We do this to enhance your purchasing experience and eliminate any hassle once the bike arrives.
Get Torqued
We understand that many of you embrace the cycling experience and enjoy building your bike or doing your own maintenance.  Or maybe you’ve decided to upgrade a certain part of your ALLIED. For you, we have put this convenient chart together to help with questions about torque spec.


Torque Spec


5 nm

Seat post clamp

5 nm

Seat post Saddle binder

19.2 – 29.4 nm

Bottom Bracket

68.9 – 79 nm

Crank bolt

4.7-6.8 nm

Front Derailleur

4.7-6.8 nm

Rear Derailleur

7.9-9.5 nm

Disc Caliper mount

5.6-7.9 nm

Disc Rotor to hub

Shimano 1.5-3.6 nm
SRAM 5.6 nm

Source: ALLIED