Gravel Bike or Road Bike – How about both?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The hot two-wheeled topic right now is gravel (well, that’s if you don’t count Mathieu van der Poel).  Should you buy a gravel bike or a road bike?  When answering that question, a person typically has to ask a variety of other prequalifying questions:  How close do I live to gravel roads?  How often would I use a gravel bike?  How would a gravel bike perform on pavement?  Would a road bike be able to go on hard pack or light gravel?  Could I race a gravel bike on gravel?  Could I race a gravel bike on the road? And on, and on…

You could open up your wallet and buy two separate bikes.  Or you could solve your conundrum with just one.

The ALLROAD is a road bike, and a damn fast one.

Nab a personal best at Levi’s GranFondo, or climb and sprint at the local group ride on Saturday morning. It’s capable of winning Friday night at Tulsa Tough and just might be on the podium next week at the Belgian Waffle Ride. Swap wheels and tires, then race it at the weekend gravel event or rip it on some smooth flowy single track.  Hell, the ALLROAD has competed in the Flint Hills madness that is Dirty Kanza.

We’d love to be able to sell you a road AND a gravel bike.  But if we are honest with ourselves, and you, the ALLROAD covers them both in one unparalleled machine.