Frame Prep and Assembly

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Frame Prep
Everyone thinks that the bike is 100% done once it comes out of paint. There’s actually more hours of labor involved in just prepping the frameset to place components on it.

The frame threads are chased, and faced.
All of the ports in the bike are polished.
The cables are pre-run.
Our kick-ass aluminum eagle is placed on the downtube. 

After Frame Prep the frameset is then handed off  to our highly skilled Mechanics to build it out. Our mechanics come with a combined 30 years experience building bikes. Each bike is cross checked then road tested to ensure quality once completed. Once the bike is assembled it’s then packed into a ready-to-ride box and shipped.
When you receive your new ALLIED ALFA, ALL ROAD or ECHO bike it’s ready to ride in 5 minutes or less.

Source: ALLIED