Building Carbon Fiber Road Bikes in America

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Made in America.

We have the highest dedicationto craftmanship

Over the last two decades, most of the bicycle factories have closed and shifted their production elsewhere in search of cheaper labor. This industry now finds itself in a position where 99% of bicycles are made at a few massive Asian factories with brands obscuring where their bikes are made. Painting an Asian made frame in Europe does not make it European.
We founded ALLIED to take a different path. We dreamt that we could be successful designing, building and selling bikes that we loved without sacrificing our values: We are a premium American bicycle brand that actually engineers and manufactures our own products, right here in the USA, because it matters. Our goal is not only to make our bicycles here, it is to make them better and to prove to the world that composite bicycles CAN be produced in the USA.

The question that I get asked more than any other is: “Why?” Why build a new brand? Why manufacture bicycles yourselves? Why not just make them in Asia like everyone else?
My official answer is: “It is the right thing to do.”


Source: ALLIED